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Message from Sensei (2001)

Aug. 2001

About four months have quickly passed since we moved to America. Though it is happening little by little, the Jinenkan is advancing toward its goals with certainty. Thanks to everybody's help I have finally secured my own dojo, which was my first goal. It is only a remodeled single-car garage, so it is quite small and has no facilities such as showers. But, for the time being, it is a space where at least two pairs of partners can train at the same time.

The first training will take place in early September. A notice about this will be put on the Jinenkan home page. Training will be divided between private lessons and regular training.

For private lessons, the date, time and subject will be based on the student's wishes. Regular training is primarily my own training, so rather than teaching, it will be more like working on something together. Therefore the dates, times and topics will vary. Those who are interested in training, please contact the Honbu for details and reservations.

On a different topic, were you all pleased with the first issue of "Seiryu"? In the future we want to use "Seiryu" to its fullest potential, so we would love to hear your frank opinions about it.

Unsui Sensei

Jinenkan Kancho

Dec. 2001

A terribly unfortunate event occurred in America last September, but I was truly envious in seeing the nation rise dauntlessly to face this challenge.  America is a marvelous nation.  I am truly glad that I have come here.

n another topic, as we informed you in the previous Seiryu, work on the Honbu Dojo has been completed. It took some time to begin, but as of November we are holding regular training at the Honbu.  The main focus is Taijutsu on weekdays and Jinen-Ryu Nito-jutsu on the weekends.  For those who would like to participate in this training, please contact the Honbu to request a reservation. 

The first and third weekends of November brought to completion the workshop series at the Bare Hills Club.  The participants made remarkable improvement at Jinen-Ryu Bikenjutsu. Nothing could make me happier than seeing this.  Please continue training to avoid letting this level drop back down.

Unsui Sensei

Jinenkan Kancho