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Message from Sensei (2007)

Jan. 2007

Last year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Jinenkan and also, I completed a book focusing on specific questions from members. This book describes my thoughts on various things, however, at present, I have only one wish.

This is, I would like all Jinenkan members to be of benefit and help the people of the world. I strongly wish for this, and sincerely believe that through the practice and acquisition of Kobudo one can become a confident being. This confidence becomes a source for enthusiastic activity. All I can do for you, entirely depends on you having the confidence to help.This is a moment of bliss for me.

To live ones life means to live in coexistence with others. In other words, we can�t live without others. Thus, if this is our circumstance, why not live in this world with others and live our life with a happy spirit of helping others. There are innumerable ways to help others. Everyone, this year, won�t you try and search ones heart and discover what else one can do?

Also, I would like you all to read this book that I have written during the tenth year of the Jinenkan. I have written this book by answering all your questions regarding my 45 years in Budo. I hope this will be of benefit and assist you all in your quest of Kobudo.

Budo is Keiko. It is not Renshu (practice). Without haste, without rush, lets learn and acquire kobudo, one waza at a time.

Unsui Sensei

Jinenkan Kancho

Apr. 2007

Dear members,

I would like to write to all of you about how I feel regarding the Jinenkan�s 10th year anniversary.The Jinenkan is an organization that bases it�s fundamentals upon harmony, reconciliation, human warmth and kind-heartedness.

However, not until recently have I slowly begun to develop feelings of anxiety and apprehension. This relates to the approval and recognition given to me by dojo-cho for the acceptance of new dojo cho.In some instances members become dojo-cho without having met other dojo-cho. This is unfortunate and often at times, unavoidable.

When people apply for a dojo-cho license, the standard procedure is that mails are sent to all existing dojo-cho in order to seek approval and recommendations for the appointment of new dojo-cho of the jinenkan.

In spite of anticipating people to write their honest opinions, I have in recent years, received mails from about 70% of dojo cho telling me that they unable to give judgment due to the fact that they have not met the person in question. In regards to this I have a proposal. Could you please seek the opinion of a dojo cho whom you know well and trust, then form your own opinions (based on the opinions of your source) and reply to me accordingly.

If you could do this, then we could possibly increase communication and solve this problem of dojo-cho being unable to give judgment. I would gladly appreciate you�re co-operation.

Lastly, a comment regarding hierarchy. 5 Dan Dojo Cho, 4 Dan Dojo Cho and 3 Dan Dojo Cho are all the same dojo cho. Essentially one can say it is only a matter of relationship between sempai and kouhai. When in pursuit of your kobudo warriorship, problems and obstacles arising from disagreements between dojo-cho should absolutely not be an issue.

Within the world of Kobudo, a kouhai is to respect a sempai and a sempai is to cherish a kouhai. In the discussion of technique and skill, even if a kouhai is to be surpass that of his kouhai, the relationship of kouhai and sempai never changes.

More than ever, I wish to make the Jinenkan a caring and open hearted organization. For this to happen, I need your help and cooperation.

Unsui Sensei

Jinenkan Kancho

July 2007


Dear all members,

Firstly, I'd like to announce to all dojocho that I think in order to acquire and move with great technique, one must first learn it properly.

Next, as I have said before, all dojocho are my successors. For this reason, I will teach kuden of koto ryu koppojutsu and kukishin ryu. Never before have I taught these nor have I published them in any articles.

The period that I will be teaching this information will occur in three years time. That is, the summer of 2010, during a seminar�at the hombu dojo in Noda, Japan.

Also, it is important to note that this will be a one time only affair, thus if you miss this opportunity, then you will not have the opportunity to learn this from me again.

This keiko will cover the whole of kuden from beginning till the end.

You all have 3 years to prepare and make allowances for this, so please plan carefully and do you all you can to participate.

Of course, please look forward to this affair with grand anticipation. Also, those who wish to finish and undertake these transmissions of kuden, please become dojocho by that time.

I wish you all a good fighting spirit!!

Unsui Sensei

Jinenkan Kancho

October 2007

Dear All members,

I would like to inform you in this Seiryu that I have decided to allow people who wish to obtain menkyou (license) via testing in each of the respective Jinen Ryu.

This being of course, Biken Jutsu, Jutte Jutsu, Ni to Jutsu, Kusari fundo jutsu and Tanto Jutsu. I must also make clear that this will only be made available to Dojo Cho. The structure of each menkyo will differ according to the jutsu (weapon). For example in the case of biken jutsu, the structure is as follows; Chi no maki moku-roku, Sui no maki moku-roku, Ka no maki moku-roku, Fu no maki moku-roku and Ku no maki moku-roku. Dojo Cho who have obtained each individual moku-roku will then receive a Menkyo kaiden (master license). People testing must become proficient in all kata of the jutsu being tested.

Holders of menkyo kaiden will then be able to teach and grant moku-roku to students. This means of course, that you will also have the opportunity to administer tests for these licenses.

Of course, there may be some who might feel this may cause some separation and tension between dojo cho.I must point out that ones rank as dojo, whether one holds this license or not, will not at all change or be affected.

Also, I have been deeply moved by the many dojo cho wishing for me to establish and wanting to receive these licenses.

Unsui Sensei

Jinenkan Kancho